EmbLaser 2 – Laser cutter


The Emblaser 2 is a classroom-friendly laser cutter and engraver. Designed and developed in Australia, this new product combines the latest technologies to create a truly amazing design experience.

The laser cutter for your classroom.

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Perfect for the classroom

Designed, engineered and proudly made in Australia, the Emblaser 2 is the second generation desktop laser cutter and engraver that is a perfect combination of ease-of-use, size, power and price. Designed to be user friendly, easy to setup, safe and easy to use in any classroom.

Safety first

Traditionally laser cutters have only been available for specialised learning areas, but the Emblaser 2 is a Class 1 laser making is safe to use in any classroom when combined with its air filtration unit.

So many materials

The Emblaser 2 can cut, mark or engrave cloth, cardboard, paper, leather, wood, plastics and so much more.

Give depth to your work

A true 3D cutting & engraving machine, the Emblaser 2 allows you to achieve different levels of depths and details.

What can you make with the Emblaser 2?

Software that's powerful & easy

Work how you want

Work with the software you are familiar with to create your designs. LightBurn will import all standard formats from software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, Corel Draw etc.

Cut & engrave easily

Precisely cut out your artwork or create incredible engravings from your photos all in the one place.

LightBurn gives you full control over the Emblaser 2.

Windows, OSX, Tablet

LightBurn is fully compatible with both Windows and OSX.

Run it on your favourite computer or laptop, even over Wifi!


Why is the Emblaser 2 so affordable?

Most traditional laser cutters use a bulky high voltage CO2 fragile glass tube, water-cooling and a series of mirrors to redirect the laser. We all know that water and high voltages don’t make a great cocktail. CO2 systems are complex, have many moving parts and are difficult to align and calibrate. Also, CO2 lasers put out infrared invisible light, so is very unsafe as you just can’t see the light. For example, if a mirror was knocked out of calibration, this could potentially blind you or cause other damage to you.

The Emblaser 2 uses a 5watt Laser Diode mounted directly on the head, reducing the parts and complexity. Being a laser diode, it uses UV-visible light and the system has protection systems to disable the laser if the door is opened.

Will I be able to upload in JPG, PNG or PDF formats?

It depends what you are looking at doing. There are two type of files that generally work with laser machines, vector and raster.Vector files are files created in packages such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or CAD. The vectors define an accurate path or area for the laser to work on. These files can be imported

Vector files are files created in packages such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or CAD. The vectors define an accurate path or area for the laser to work on. These files can be imported into the current Emblaser software. The Emblaser 2 software will initially accept SVG, DXF, JPG and PNG files. Additional formats will be added over time.

Raster files are photos or images made up of pixels. These can also be used but in a different way to vector files. This is called raster engraving. The E2 software will allow you to import these images as well and raster engrave them. Formats for these are JPG, PNG, BMP etc.

Can the Emblaser 2 cut transparent acrylic?

The short answer is no. Laser diode based machines work on a light frequency that passes directly through transparent materials. However, the EmbLaser 2 can cut and engrave tinted and solid colour acrylics.

Additional information

Dimensions 54 × 72 × 20 cm
Material Capacity

500mm x 300mm x 50mm


Factory pre-focused

Laser Unit Type

Laser Diode 5+ watts


Class I, the safest laser device rating available

3D Cutting & Engraving

Fully software controlled

Fume Extraction

Built-in with filter


Wifi & USB connectivity


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