The Amazing Annoyatron

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The award-winning kit that teaches kids to code The Amazing Annoyatron is the fun way for kids to learn about electronics and coding. With 20+ cool creations they can build (and re-build) plus free add-on projects.

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Great news! While the Amazing Annoyatron is out of stock, we invite you to explore our popular Coding Explorer Kit — a fantastic and affordable way to dive into the world of coding. Discover a world of coding fun and creativity today!

The world’s coolest coding kit

Fun, educational, and undeniably annoying

The premise for this kit is simple: what if learning about coding and electronics wasn’t boring? With The Amazing Annoyatron, your child’s eyes will light up as they build new inventions, tweak them, and grow their coding superpowers.

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Packed with inventions and hours of fun

Over 20 unique inventions can be built and re-built with The Amazing Annoyatron. It’s a blast to assemble and test them all, and they can then be customised to make them even better (i.e., more annoying).

What you can create

The burglar alarm you don’t remember installing. The rooster you never knew you had. The chirping cricket you can never find. Plus many, many more.

Exciting inventions guaranteed to entertain

The Amazing Annoyatron is an educational kit, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Set it to 110%

Your child will enjoy our coding challenges which guide them through making their own modifications and tweaks to the inventions.

Meet the creator

The kit was created by a kid – just like them. Michael features in all the instructional videos and adds a unique, personal touch to the experience.

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Bits and pieces and so much more

There are 31 electronic parts and components included in the box. We’ve got things to make noises. Others to trigger them. And we show kids exactly how to put them all together!

What’s in the box

  • Code-able Brain Board
  • Mini ‘buzzer’ Speaker
  • Distance/Motion Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Jumper Wires
  • Battery Connector

+ even more!

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You’ll only hear great things about The Amazing Annoyatron

We purchased an Annoyatron as a birthday gift for our 8 yr old son. The Annoyatron provides a great pathway for kids to learn whilst having fun! Fantastic Product!


Quirky, inventive fun!


I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone – well put together, great instructions, and lots of fun for everyone!


Straight from the mind of a fourteen-year-old Australian inventor

Watch this short video to learn more about the kit from its teen inventor and EduKits founder, Michael Nixon.

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Fosters STEM skills critical for tomorrow’s jobs

Skill Icon Logic


Coding is all about logic, knowing which order things should happen in. You can’t whisk an egg before you crack it – code has similar patterns.

Skill Icon Creativity


Our kit encourages kids to experiment and make each invention their own. We show them what different bits of code do and how to change them up.

Skill Icon Inventiveness


There are endless ways to use The Amazing Annoyatron. Kids will get inventive disguising their creations and pranking friends and family.

Skill Icon Problem Solving

Problem Solving

With tech, things don’t always go to plan. Coding errors can yield hilarious, unexpected results but are also powerful learning opportunities.

16 reviews for The Amazing Annoyatron

  1. Hunter Boyle

    I really believe in this product and the mission that teen maker @michael_nixon has embarked on here with the Amazing Annoyatron.

    Coding and STEM skills are critical for today’s kids, but the tools for learning those skills often aren’t very fun or engaging. Not so here. Once we got through the initial setup, my 10-year-old loved using the kit to create and alter sounds, lights, delays, etc. She was excited enough to take it into class, so I consider that a big win.

    If you’ve got an adolescent or young teen, this kit is an excellent way to gauge (or pique) their interest in coding and begin their geek journey. My kids and I are looking forward to more cool pranks and products from this young entrepreneur.

    * Great way to introduce kids to coding, electronics

    * Fun STEM tool designed by teen entrepreneur

    * Kids really light up when using it

    * Initial setup can be a little tricky for younger kids

    (via ProductHunt)

  2. Hugh

    Really cool product!!!

  3. Alicia

    I got one of your Annoyatrons for my sporty son who doesn’t use the computer for much more than playing games. When he saw it was an electronics kit he wasn’t all that excited. In the school holidays my husband said he’d pay him $50 if he could make all 20 projects – which he then went on to do. The next term at school an opportunity came up to be in a team for a science and robotics competition. My son joined a team, which I don’t think he would have had the confidence or interest to do had he not experienced coding through the Annoyatron. Their team made it to the NSW state final which was an awesome achievement. I think your product does a fantastic job at opening the door for kids to explore electronics and coding especially those who wouldn’t ordinarily be interested in it.

  4. Damian

    We purchased an Annoyatron as a birthday gift for our 8 yr old son. The Annoyatron provides a great pathway for kids to learn whilst having fun! It combines basic electronics with basic coding- and introduces kids to technology by allowing a safe environment to experiment. Fantastic product!
    The Annoyatron would make an ideal Christmas present ;).

  5. Charles

    I wanted to know exactly what our family was getting itself into when letting one of your Amazing Annoyatrons into our house, so I sat down and worked through the 20 projects to see what each one did. Wow, there’s a lot of value there. I started building them at 9:30pm and didn’t finish until the early hours of the morning. There were a fair few that put a smile on my face and made me think ‘yep that’s really clever’. I’m glad I worked through the projects. I’m good with a computer –
    Word, Excel, emails etc but have never done anything with coding. I reckon my kids will be able to do the projects without any trouble, but I’m glad I now know enough to give them a hand if they need it. Well done EduKits. Highly Recommended!

  6. Dannii

    Fast postage. Great service. Thanks.

  7. James

    My kids really love this! If you’re looking for a fun way to get your kids into coding, then this is it. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone – well put together, great instructions, and lots of fun for everyone!

  8. Jac

    The kids a genius to come up with this idea & initiative!, what creative genius, not just teaching kids, adults as well. The next generation “Steve Jobs” we believe!

  9. Phillip

    This kit has made it really easy for my kids to get started with coding. It includes lots of inventions for the youngsters to build and is great fun. The perfect way to get kids excited about technology!

  10. Lacey Manwaring

    Hi I’m Lacey. Betty gave me an Annoyatron for my birthday and I have really enjoyed learning how to code. Your kits have been used to teach students how to code.

  11. Joshua

    I was given this as a gift and it was great. I was worried about the coding side, but that was one of the easier parts. It’s really fun and I would suggest it to others, I just wish it was louder.

  12. Debra Lowery

    i love itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mary Price

    Quirky, inventive fun!

  14. Brah_2008

    Good fun. Thanks for adding the quick copy button into the instructions.

  15. M Bliemel

    Got this for my kids (6 & 8) using the Creative Kids voucher. The product’s packaging, messaging, marketing, design, video production quality, etc is all really well done and spot on to maximise how annoying kids can get even more annoying to their parents. The scaffolding on how to make each project even more annoying is great, too. Michael makes each project quite easy to follow with copying and pasting code from his site and then learning to edit it.

    Sure, you could order similar kids for less, but then you don’t get the same feeling about supporting an up and coming entrepreneur from the region. Having every LED, wire and bit match everything in his videos also makes them easier for kids to follow.

    Only thing I’d recommend is finding a way for the instructions & code to work via a more drag and drop interface like which many kids are familiar with via minecraft (e.g., rpi, kano or education versions), hour of code, etc. Overall, still 5/5!

    (via ProductHunt)

  16. steven

    its good:)

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