The Amazing Annoyatron


The award-winning kit that teaches kids to code

The Amazing Annoyatron is the fun way for kids to learn about electronics and coding. With 20+ cool creations they can build (and re-build) plus free add-on projects, your kids will enjoy creating new projects and pranks whilst building their STEM skills.

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Build. Code. Prank.

Kids learn about coding with 20+ cool creations that they can build and re-build to prank their family and friends.

This award-winning invention makes learning about technology super-exciting and is fun for the whole family.

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Includes 31 parts

Everything kids need to learn about coding and electronics.

Build 20+ inventions

We guide users through building over 20 cool gadgets and gizmos.

Learn about code

Users program each invention to make it do what they want.

Promoting STEAM

The kit promotes STEAM concepts, especially creativity.

You may have seen us around.

We've been seen in The TODAY Show, Product Hunt, Startup Daily, The Australian, Australia Post Regional Pitchfest and the National iAwards.

Includes 20+


kids can build

& re-build!

From a ‘burglar alarm’ for their
bedroom to the crazy ‘decision
maker’, this kit’s sure to keep them

See the Inventions
Build and re-build heaps of cool inventions with The Amazing Annoyatron, including 'Definitely NOT Music', 'Random Noise Bursts' and 'Catchy Tunes'.

Everything kids

need to get started

with coding &


We’ve got things to make noises.
Others to trigger them. And we
show kids exactly how to put it
all together!

And here’s what

they’re saying!

I mean, we wouldn’t be
showing you our reviews if
they were bad 😉

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