Meet Michael Nixon, the founder of EduKits International.
Meet the founder

Michael Nixon

Michael Nixon is a teenager who is passionate about exploring and sharing new technologies. In 2016, at age 13, Michael entered the first Regional Pitchfest with his business EduKits. The startup was pitched as supplier of 3D printers, electronics and STEM kits for both home and classroom based learning.

Since Pitchfest, EduKits has been working hard to implement new solutions to provide education to the local and national communities about technology, specifically 3D printing, electronics and coding. Some of the programs included 3D printing holiday workshops for teens, putting 3D printers in regional libraries and offering electronics, STEM and 3D printing kits on its online store.

It's really hard to excite kids with something that appears to be so nerdy. That's why we're here.

Michael NixonFounder, EduKits Australia

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2017 Australia Post Regional Pitchfest National Finals

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The Amazing Annoyatron

The Amazing Annoyatron – is a fun and affordable educational kit designed to introduce kids and teens to electronics and coding. New technology is shaping the jobs of the future, and it’s becoming increasingly important that current kids and teens can confidently use and modify it. The Amazing Annoyatron can give kids a head-start with electronics and coding, preparing them for a tech-savvy future.

Priced at $69.95, the kit includes 22 electronics components – sensors, lights, buzzers and a mini programmable computer. With these, users can build over 20 different projects. Designed for kids and teens between the ages of 9-15, the kits were created using feedback from kids about what inventions and gadgets they would like to build, and then actually making them before carefully writing, designing and recording the resources.