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Created by the award-winning innovators behind Code Kit and The Amazing Annoyatron.

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  • Arduino Basics

    Arduino Basics

    Dive into the world of Arduino and unlock your potential in electronics and programming, exploring hands-on projects with C++ and Code Kit snippets in our dynamic online course.

  • 3D Printing Projects

    3D Printing Projects

    Master the art of 3D printing with our comprehensive online course, where you’ll learn to transform your ideas into tangible, innovative creations using the latest 3D printing technologies.

  • The Amazing Annoyatron

    The Amazing Annoyatron

    The Amazing Annoyatron is the fun way for kids to learn about electronics and coding. With 20+ cool creations they can build (and re-build) plus free add-on projects, your kids will enjoy creating new projects and pranks whilst building their STEM skills.