Direct code upload

Visually construct programs with an intuitive, block-based interface. Arduino code generates instantly as you add and rearrange blocks.

With Code Kit Pro, upload code directly to connected boards in just a click. This functionality is available across our desktop apps for Windows and macOS as well as through the web app.

Code Kit Pro Direct Upload Feature

Code Kit Pro Serial Monitor Plot Graph Feature

Built-in serial monitor

Engage with live data streams from your connected devices, granting you instant feedback for real-time tweaking and diagnostics.

Choose to dive into the raw output for detailed data analysis, or embrace clarity with our multi-variable graphing option, transforming complex readings into understandable, interactive visualisations.

Desktop apps with offline support

Code Kit Pro includes access to our desktop applications for Windows and macOS. Once installed and set up, Code Kit Desktop allows you to compile and upload offline, allowing you to take your coding with you wherever you go.

  • Upload code directly to connected boards
  • Interface with devices via serial port with raw output and graph views
  • Access all functionality offline
Code Kit Pro Desktop App MacOS Windows Included

Code Kit Pro Cloud Project Storage

Cloud project storage

Save your Code Kit projects directly to the cloud, ensuring they’re secure and readily accessible for whenever inspiration strikes, from any device, anywhere, through Code Kit Web.

Effortlessly share your projects with a public URL that can be distributed to anyone, even if they don’t have Code Kit Pro.

Built for education

Advanced classroom management

Code Kit Classroom doesn’t just unlock access to pro features for all your students. We’ve designed a powerful classroom management system to help you and your students get the most out of our toolkit.

Code Kit Pro for you and your students

Students added to your classroom receive access to Code Kit Pro, and so do you! The entire classroom can upload code directly from Code Kit, work offline with our desktop app, and conduct data analysis with the built-in serial monitor features.

View student projects saved to the cloud

As a teacher, you have access to all projects created by your students in the cloud. This is useful for monitoring each student’s progress, providing personalised feedback and guidance, and conducting in-class learning assessments.

Powerful tools to import students in bulk

Your time is important, so we made importing students a breeze. Just upload a spreadsheet, review the data, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our import wizard guides you through every step of the process.

Get started with Code Kit Classroom

With Code Kit Classroom, you’re not just getting a tool; you’re embracing a comprehensive platform that amplifies the Arduino programming, teaching, and learning experience.

Pay Annually (Save 50%)
Pay Monthly


AUD per month

Billed annually at $354.00/year

Code Kit Classroom

Education package perfect for schools, makerspaces, or libraries.


AUD per month

Code Kit Classroom

Education package perfect for schools, makerspaces, or libraries.

  • 30 licences to Code Kit Pro
  • 80% discount on licences
  • Teacher dashboard

Code Kit Pro

Code Kit Pro is included for you and your students with a Code Kit Classroom subscription. Unlock advanced features like code upload, cloud projects, and sharing.

  • Everything in Free plus…
  • Code Kit Desktop app for Mac and Windows
  • Upload code directly on the web or in the app
  • Built-in serial monitor
  • Works offline
  • Premium support and access to feature requests


Questions & answers

What’s the difference between Code Kit Pro and Code Kit Classroom?

Both Pro and Classroom plans unlock Code Kit’s advanced features, like built-in uploading, our desktop app, a serial monitor, and BlockMorph.

Pro works best for single users, while Classroom allows entire groups to use Code Kit’s advanced features. Users added to a classroom get access to Code Kit Pro.

How many students can use Code Kit Classroom?

Each Code Kit Classroom subscription adds 30 seats to your classroom. With a single subscription you can add up to 30 students, with two subscriptions you can add up to 60 students, and so on.

Our Classroom plan is highly discounted when compared with individual Pro subscriptions and comes with additional management features, making it an ideal choice for groups even if you don’t plan on using all 30 licenses.

How do student accounts work?

When a student is added to a classroom, we create an EduKits account for them with access to Code Kit Pro. They’ll receive a welcome email with a link to set their password.

Student accounts are locked-down and controlled by the teacher who created them. The teacher gets access to all cloud projects created by students in their Classroom.

What features do student accounts unlock?

Student accounts, created by teachers in their Classroom, get full access to Code Kit Pro.

Specifically, each student can use their login to access Code Kit on the web, license Code Kit Desktop for use on a single device, and upload code directly to their board from the app on all supported platforms.

Still have questions, or unsure whether Code Kit Classroom is the right fit? We’re here to help.