Kids Coding Lessons for the Amazing Annoyatron, Free under NSW Creative Kids program


What you get

Keep your child entertained and learning at the same time with our Creative Kids Coding Experience. Included is:

  • 4 Exclusive coding lessons delivered live over MS Teams
  • Classes capped at maximum 20 students
  • Interesting projects designed to prank, annoy and distract!
  • Ongoing Q&A support

Note: lessons based on The Amazing Annoyatron – use your own, buy one, or borrow one (no hire charge and posted to you). Contact us for more details or clarification.

How to redeem your voucher

You can enrol into our program free with your NSW Creative Kids voucher, just ‘Add to Cart’, complete the checkout and pay by using your Creative Kids voucher. No voucher yet? You can get one by clicking here. Note: after entering your order it can take up to 12 hours for the voucher to show as “used” on the ServiceNSW app.

If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to message our friendly team.



Includes products featured by
We've been seen in The TODAY Show, Product Hunt, Startup Daily, The Australian, Australia Post Regional Pitchfest and the National iAwards.

A great pathway for kids to learn whilst having fun. Fantastic!


Quirky, inventive fun!


An excellent way to gauge (or pique) kids interest in coding and begin their geek journey.


Packed with value to educationally occupy and entertain your child these Holidays. Even better, with your Creative Kids voucher, it doesn’t have to cost you a cent.

Purchase our lesson bundle with your $100 NSW Creative Kids Voucher at the checkout.

4 Exclusive Lessons delivered live online

Your child will receive a unique invite to 4 exclusive lessons developed by the creator of the Amazing Annoyatron. Delivered live we will walk through various coding concepts as we build a number of exciting inventions, providing personal help and support as well as a question and answer session at the end.

Ongoing support

We want to see your kids loving their tech journey and the fun doesn’t end at the end of the session. Participants will be have access to our block coding editor and support meaning they can make even more projects.

Upcoming Workshops

26 March 2023
18 June 2023
20 August 2023
27 August 2023

If you can’t make it to one of the sessions, that’s OK, we’ve got catch-up content available.

Build. Code. Prank.

Kids want to have fun when coding. What better way than to learn with projects kids actually want to build. They’ll learn to create some cool creations to prank, annoy and distract their family and friends.

$100.00Add to cart

Fun Creations

We skip the boring stuff and get down to learning about coding with a focus on fun.

Additional projects

Kids aren’t limited to just the projects covered in lessons. We have instructions available for them to make even more hilarious coding pranks.

Learn about code

Users program each invention to make it do what they want.

Promoting STEAM

The kit promotes STEAM concepts, especially creativity.

Cool creations kids can build & re-build!

From a ‘burglar alarm’ for their
bedroom to the crazy ‘decision
maker’, we’re sure to keep them

Note: your child will need access to an
Amazing Annoyatron for the
lessons – creative kids vouchers
only cover lesson costs. You can
buy one on our website or at any
of our retailers. Alternatively, we
have loan units you can borrow
(no hire fee) – simply return it at
the end of the lessons. Easy!

See the Inventions
Build and re-build heaps of cool inventions with The Amazing Annoyatron, including 'Definitely NOT Music', 'Random Noise Bursts' and 'Catchy Tunes'.

Everything kids

need to get started

with coding &


Learn projects to make noises.
Others to trigger them. And we
show kids exactly how to put it
all together!

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