Coming soon to EduKits

We asked: what if companies focused not just on the bottom line, but on becoming stewards of positivity and change? What if we harnessed our collective resources not just for profit, but to make the world a brighter, more compassionate place for everyone?

Our founding principle at EduKits was to ignite curiosity and foster innovation among children and teenagers, equipping them with the necessary tools to shape a brighter future. We believe in this mission, and over many years, it has not wavered.

We’ve expanded into the digital sphere, realising the potential to increase our reach and make a more significant impact. Given that digital products cost us less to distribute compared to physical items, we see a unique opportunity to support those who might not afford our offerings.

The big idea

Offering our digital products for free to those who can’t afford them costs us very little, while spreading positivity, creativity, and education in the world.

How it works

  • Users who can’t afford our digital products can apply for SparkPass, which unlocks access to an eligible product for one year (users are free to apply again to continue using SparkPass)
  • Users complete feedback surveys, required at most every 2-4 months, to help us improve our products for all users
  • We hope that, when users can afford to, they choose to become paying customers to support our mission and pay it forward