New Fusion 360 Intro Course from Printlab

PrintLab Classroom, the popular 3D education platform, today launched its new Introduction to Fusion 360 course.

For those who are unfamiliar, Fusion 360 is an integrated computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering software. It has gained considerable market share in education due to its cloud-based platform and free licenses for students and teachers. Commonly used in industry, Fusion 360 allows educators to teach using real-world software.

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The new PrintLab course is a fantastic step toward making Fusion 360 more accessible to new users, students and teachers alike.

While it is a powerful and intuitive solution, Fusion 360 requires training and practice to use. The developer, Autodesk, already offers extensive learning material through their design academy platform, but this is not well-suited to the classroom.

Instead, the Introduction to Fusion 360 course aims to be a ‘classroom-friendly’ entry point to Fusion 360, covering all essential features in under 60 minutes. This should make it incredibly easy to get up-to-speed with the software and start creating right away.

The course is structured around 13 bite-sized instructional videos. Each video focuses on a different set of Fusion 360 tools, which participants use to add features to a series of provided base models.

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For educators who are new to CAD, or those who are looking to move up from a simpler solution such as Tinkercad, this PrintLab course is a great option. Once completed, participants will have a solid foundation of design skills to work with and build upon.

The course is available now with a subscription to PrintLab classroom. If you’re not subscribed, try PrintLab free and gain access to all their projects, lesson plans, training and more.