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Kids can unleash their creativity with our holiday workshop. Here’s how it works.


Join the workshop, live.

We'll email you a link where your child can join our live workshop online. There are lots of opportunities for them to ask questions and interact with the host.

Engage with design & creativity activities.

Children are guided through a number of simple 3D design activities. They can follow along with the live stream and even go over it again later.

We 3D print and mail your designs.

Once emailed to us, your child's finished designs are 3D printed and mailed for them to enjoy. When they arrive, this is a special and rewarding moment.

Meet the Instructor

Michael Nixon is a teen entrepreneur and the founder of EduKits International. He launched EduKits at age 13 to share his passion for technology with others.

The workshop will be run by Michael who has a wealth of experience with 3D printing, using it to prototype product designs for EduKits and running workshops for National Science Week.