Mini Boom Box – STEM 3D Kit


A fun 3D printing STEM kit where students can build their own portable speaker. Includes a student workbook and a bonus teacher’s guidebook (packs of 6+ kits).

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The Mini Boom Box STEM kit is perfect for students 8 and older. It comes with a student workbook, teacher workbook, battery pack, parts and STL design template files.

Turn up the music! In this project, students will design, print and then build their very own Mini Boom Box (compact speaker). They can then connect the finished speaker to their phone, MP3 player or other portable devices that can play music. This is a great STEM project for teachers to be able to help their class investigate further concepts, such as sound waves, amplifiers and speakers, circuit diagrams and electronics.

The detailed teaching and activity booklets support the learning process for students, making the design process easy to understand and follow. The booklets help them to put their maths and dimensional measurement skills into action and guide them through designing, printing and building.

Each pack includes:

  • Mini Boom Box electronics kit
  • Student workbook
  • Base CAD file for students to base their design off
  • Example concept file for teachers to print
  • Teachers guidebook (included for class packs of 6+)

Example STEM class lessons include:

  • Sound waves and how they work
  • Magnetic speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Electrical diagrams and circuit diagrams
  • Electricity (e.g. voltage, current, resistance, etc.)
  • Other electronic components such as batteries, switches and PCBs

Please note: kit does not include batteries.

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