Snap-together inventions that are sure to excite

KodeKlix makes it a blast to learn about electronics and coding. Kids invent and explore a number of exciting projects with snap-together parts and simple, block based code. Developed and assembled in Australia for use with Windows operating systems.

What’s included

  • KodeKlix snap circuit kit, with 20 included parts
  • Programmable SnapCPU and USB cable
  • FREE shipping to your door
  • Ongoing Q&A support

Special bulk pricing for schools

If you are a teacher looking to purchase a whole of class set eg 25 or 30 units please message our friendly team who will arrange special bulk buy pricing.

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Create in a Snap

The colourful parts are easy to identify and assembly is straightforward. Connecting two parts is as simple as snapping them together, guided by our helpful instructions or your child’s own imagination.

Fosters STEM skills critical for tomorrow’s jobs


Coding is all about logic, knowing which order things should happen in. You can’t whisk an egg before you crack it – code has similar patterns.


KodeKlix encourages kids to experiment and make each invention their own. We show them what different bits of code do and how to change them up.


There are endless ways to use your KodeKlix kit. Kids will get inventive making their own circuits or modifying code to run projects the way they imagine.

Problem Solving

With tech, things don’t always go to plan. Coding errors can yield hilarious, unexpected results but are also powerful learning opportunities.

What's the recommended age group?

KodeKlix is best for children aged 8 and above. The activities require your child to be able to read instructions (mostly pictures) and use a computer. It’s still a fun activity for younger children, especially if they’re tech-savvy, just expect to assist with most of the steps.

What type of code will my child learn?

This is a common question we receive from parents who are engineers or have past coding experience. KodeKlix uses an intuitive, block-based coding editor that is simple for children to understand and use. Under the hood, the app translates your child’s block code into BASIC which is then compiled and uploaded to the microcontroller in the SnapCPU.

Do I need to buy batteries?

To operate your inventions un-tethered to your computer you will need 2xAA batteries. You will need to supply your own batteries.

Is shipping free?

Yes, of course! There’s no need to worry about any last-minute shipping fees *magically* materialising at checkout. Please note this product only ships to Australian destinations at present.

Is any soldering required?

KodeKlix has all the fun of building circuits without any soldering! The kit includes a number of colourful, modular components that snap together easily to form circuits. This allows children to learn electrical concepts in a safe and engaging manner.

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