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Project #11

Curiosity Killer

n this project, you are going to be building a button that gives almost no satisfaction when pressed. It just beeps. And if you want it to beep again, you have to take your finger off and put it back on again.

The Kit

The Amazing Annoyatron

Build this invention, and many more, with The Amazing Annoyatron!

What you’ll need

Brain Board


Touch Sensor

3 x Wires

Step 1

Let’s build this!

Curiosity Killer
This is the positive leg of the buzzer. It will have a ‘+’ sign on top of it and will also be longer than the other leg.
Don’t forget to plug the board into your computer with the included USB cable.
The touch sensor is like a button, except that you only have to touch it lightly.



The +LEG is the longer leg.

+ LEG11

Touch Sensor

Use wires to join these.


Step 2

Code some chaos!

Don’t forget to select your port, like ususal

Copy and paste the sample code

int touchSensor = 3;
int buzzer = 11;
int beepLength = 50;

void setup() {
  pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(touchSensor, INPUT);

void loop() {
  if(digitalRead(touchSensor)==HIGH)       //Read Touch sensor signal
    digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW);
    digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW);    // if Touch sensor is LOW, then turn off the led

Upload the code and test it out