Up ABS Filaments Get a Splash of Colour

Print your creations in six stunning new colours

Along with the global launch of the UP MINI 2, August has also seen the addition of eleven new ABS filaments to the UP Fila family.

Tiertime announced on Monday that they will be introducing some new members to the UP Fila family. The new ABS filaments will feature the same strength, quality and post-processing ease as original UP ABS filaments. They will be able to be used on all UP 3D printers.

Originally, the renowned UP ABS filament only came in six colours. These were red, yellow, blue, green, black and white. The new collection includes some completely new colours, but also some different shades to complement existing colours.

The new colours are spring sun beige, crystal sea, iced aqua, minty green, fiery coral, treetop green, bridesmaid pink, breathless gray, skydiver cyan, California orange and fairytale purple. These will be joining the original black, blue, green, red, white and yellow.

EduKits will be stocking the new UP ABS collection when it is launched in Australia in the coming months.