Code Kit: More Powerful Than Ever Before

Code Kit is our simple, drag-and-drop coding app for Arduino, launched just a few months ago to replace Codeables Studio. Now, we’ve delivered the next big update with more features and capabilities than ever before.

In this article, we’ll unpack some of the most notable changes and new features, and explain how you can make the most of them.

If you haven’t used Code Kit before, you should definitely give it a look at

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Code Kit is back and better than before, with a radical new design and a host of new features.


Save, store, use and change data with new variable functionality. A variety of variable types are available, including integer, float, boolean and string variables.

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Use variables to store and recall data. Variables can now be used anywhere that allows textual or numerical input.

More Blocks, More Control

A trove of new blocks has been added to the Code Kit library, allowing users more creativity with their coding creations than ever before.

Setup & Loop Block

image 41
Users can now add custom setup code.

The most notable of the new blocks, the setup and loop now allow you to specify where code should appear in the program. In previous versions, all code would appear in the main loop. Now, users can add custom code to the setup section.

The new block can be found under the ‘Loops’ section in the toolbox on the left of the application.

LED Strip Control

Control up to 4 RGB LEDs on a single strip with our new block. Each LED is individually addressable (allowing users to set different colours for each LED), allowing almost endless possibilities for customisation and creativity.

Note that the LED strip should be connected to Digital Pin 3 on your microcontroller. The pin settings for some blocks are not yet customisable.

Gesture Sensing

One of our favourites, the new gesture block allows you to respond to gesture inputs from a compatible gesture sensor.

The block works as a boolean, returning ‘true’ if a specific gesture (an ‘up’ gesture, for example), is detected. This can be used in conditional statements as part of an if or loop block.

A Completely New Look

Code Kit now has a completely new look. While our original release drew heavily from its predecessor, Codeables Studio, we’ve now transitioned to a fully new design for the application. We think you’ll love it.

Dark Mode

image 42
Don’t like the new Dark Mode? Disable it with the flick of a switch.

With this new look comes Dark Mode, which is enabled by default. You can go back to normal with a handy switch located on the bottom-left of the application, below the left toolbox. We’ll save your preference for next time so that the app looks just how you like it.

New Colours

An all-new colour scheme has taken over the blocks!

Colour is an important part of Code Kit, helping users to distinguish between different block categories and to help them find further blocks to add to their inventions.

You can see the new colours in the toolbox, blocks and throughout the user interface as a whole.

Get Started with Code Kit

The best part about Code Kit is that it’s completely free. Use it at home, in the classroom or for some serious work. It’s up to you.