EduKits Founder Named in Australia’s ‘Thirty under Thirty’

Today, EduKits founder Michael Nixon was named as one of Australia’s most successful young innovators in Newscorp Australia’s Thirty Under Thirty.

The youngest on the list, Nixon launched his business EduKits at just thirteen years of age. Since then, the company has gone on to sell its products in 15 countries across the globe – an impressive feat given the company’s teenage leadership.

It could be argued that Michael Nixon’s coding kit appeals to kids because he was one when he created it. He founded EduKits and created its famous product, The Amazing Annoyatron, when he was just 13 years old. Rather than just delivering a blinking light, when wired correctly, the kit can be used to prank parents and friends. “A lot of times, kids’ coding kits can be out of touch with what kids really want to do”, he said. “Kids don’t want to do anything practical – they really just want to have some fun.” The kit, which won a NSW iAward, now sells in 65 stores and across 15 countries. Mr Nixon is now working on an electronic dragon kit to encourage more girls to learn code.

Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson for Newscorp

Nixon’s feature was placed alongside many other inspiring young Australians, each of whom are pushing barriers and raising bars in their own fields.

Manuri Gunawardena, founder of Health Match, launched her startup to match patients with clinical trials. She also appeared in this year’s Thirty Under Thirty. Her platform won Australia’s first Startup Battlefield, and at just 28 years of age, she’s already attracted over $25 million on investment.

It’s clear that age is no barrier to success for these innovating young people, and their stories provide proof that no dream is too far out of reach.