EduKits Featured in SBS Small Business Secrets

It was great this week to refresh some Pitchfest 2017 memories, with the airing of the latest SBS Small Business Secrets episode where they featured the Australia Post Regional Pitchfest 2017 national final.

The episode gave some good coverage for many of the businesses involved in the Pitchfest competition and not to forget the judges, the event organiser (Di Somerville) and Australia Post who made the national competition possible.

EduKits’ good friend Selena at Edufolio’s got some good airtime in this episode which was great to see. Another highlight for all businesses needing to put together a pitch was some of the tips from the expert judging panel.

SBS Small Business Secrets is a great show which helps shine the spotlight on the small business owners and innovators who are contributing to their communities and Australia’s general economic growth. For the teachers that enjoy reading the EduKits blog, here’s a little-known piece of information: SBS Small Business Secrets has resources that map their program to the ACARA business and economics curriculum. Here’s a link to that page.

For those that missed the episode on Pitchfest, you can watch it here.