Tech Talent Crisis: Impacts on Regional Australia

A looming crisis threatens parts of rural Australia, as dwindling interest in IT professions could significantly impact the economic growth of these regions.

The demand for individuals with IT and coding expertise was apparent at the recent Jobs for NSW Regional Pitchfest event in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Repeatedly, presenters sought people with web or app development capabilities. Regrettably, the absence of necessary IT skills in local businesses hampers the conversion of brilliant concepts into revenue, and subsequently, revenue into employment opportunities.

The predicament in the Wagga region is alarming. At the 2018 TAFE graduation ceremony, we observed the lowest number of IT graduates in years. It would be a tremendous loss if this course faced closure due to insufficient enrolment numbers. For students pursuing technology careers, the integrated TAFE/CSU programme stands as one of Australia’s finest in terms of fostering industry-ready skills and minimising student debt.

It’s easy to overlook the vital role that technically skilled individuals play in our communities – they bridge the gap between ideas and their realisation. EduKits, for instance, could not have expanded into the thriving business it is today without the substantial in-house technological expertise at its disposal.

Attending events like the Jobs for NSW Regional Pitchfest only reinforces our commitment to spark enthusiasm for technology among children, particularly in rural areas, and inspire them to consider careers in STEM fields.