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The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang was a massive release of energy which marked the beginning of our universe.

  • The universe began extremely hot; it is now cooling.
  • It was initially compressed to a singularity, a one-dimensional point with zero volume; it is now expanding.
  • Pure energy transformed into simple, fundamental particles before finally producing complex particles as temperatures decreased.
  • Gravity brought particles together to produce the matter we know today.

Formation of Matter, Stars, Galaxies

  • First particles:
    • Fundamental Particles – leptons, neutrinos, quarks
    • Zero Mass Particles – gluons, photons, etc.
  • Matter + Antimatter –> Annihilation + Energy Release
    • Small matter excess = our universe today (1B + vs 1B + 1 ish)
    • Annihilation –> Lumpiness / random empty space
  • Matter clouds drawn together (by gravity)
    • Spin, thx centripetal force
    • Flattening of clouds
    • Eventual star formation