Improving Transformer Efficiency

Sources of power loss in a transformer include:

  • Magnetic flux leakage
  • Resistance in coils
  • Eddy currents in the core

The following provides causes and fixes for these.

Magnetic Flux Leakage

Not all magnetic flux links both the primary and secondary coil, reducing efficiency.

  • Use ferromagnetic core
    • Outer cores to channel the magnetic fields through the cores
  • Reduce air gaps
  • Reduce distance between coils

Resistance in Coils

  • Cooling of wires (resistance increases with heat)
    • Heatsink to increase rate of heat dissipation
    • Black case to absorb heat
    • Internal fan

Eddy Currents in the Core

  • Lamination of core
  • Layers insulated by natural oxide layers on surfaces or by varnish coatings