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HSC Design and Technology

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Portfolio Writing Guide

The HSC Design and Technology portfolio is divided into 3 main sections:

  1. Project proposal and project management
  2. Project development and realisation
  3. Evaluation

The design portfolio outlines your process as a designer and should take the marker on a journey from the conception to completion of your Major Design Project (MDP).

The list below breaks down the main sections of the design portfolio into key areas based on the marking criteria. Understanding this structure before beginning the portfolio will aid you in effectively planning and structuring your work.

  • Project proposal and project management
    • Identification and exploration of the need
    • Areas of investigation
    • Criteria to evaluate success
    • Action, time and finance plans and their application
  • Project development and realisation
    • Evidence of creativity
    • Consideration of design factors relevant to the MDP
    • Appropriate research and experimentation of materials, tools and techniques and testing of design solutions
    • Application of conclusions
    • Identification and justification of ideas and resources used
    • Use of communication and presentation techniques
    • Evidence and application of practical skills to produce a quality product
  • Evaluation
    • Recording and application of evaluation procedures throughout the design project
    • Analysis and evaluation of functional and aesthetic aspects of design
    • Final evaluation with respect to the project’s impact on the individual, society and the environment
    • Relationship of the final product, system or environment to the project proposal