Past Ecosystems

How do selection pressures within an ecosystem influence evolutionary change?

Inquiry Question


  • Analyse palaeontological and geological evidence that can be used to provide evidence for past changes in ecosystems, including but not limited to:
    • Aboriginal rock paintings
    • Rock structure and formation
    • Ice core drilling
  • Investigate and analyse past and present technologies that have been used to determine evidence for past changes, for example:
    • Radiometric dating
    • Gas analysis
  • Analyse evidence that present-day organisms have evolved from organisms in the past by examining and interpreting a range of secondary sources to evaluate processes, claims and conclusions relating to the evolution of organisms in Australia, for example:
    • Small mammals
    • Sclerophyll plants
  • Investigate the reasons for changes in past ecosystems, by:
    • Interpreting a range of secondary sources to develop an understanding of the changes in biotic and abiotic factors over short and long periods of time
    • Evaluating hypotheses that account for identified trends