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Hands-down: the best teacher training in 3D printing

If you’re a teacher wondering whether 3D printing might be a technology worthwhile for introducing to your class, we’ve got an awesome online course geared to skill you up and keep you that one step ahead of your students.

Called the PrintLab Certification course, this series of online modules will provide you with the knowledge to become confident in your first-time adoption of 3D printing and in navigating your students through their first designs.

The course teaches universal principles meaning your learning will be applicable no matter which brand 3D printer your school may currently have on hand. (For the classroom if you want a recommendation we personally love the UP printers such as the UP300 or if you are on a conservative budget the Up Mini 2).

So what do teachers think about the PrintLab certification course? From one of our recent teachers that completed the course in Australia.

“I love the course. I think it’s fantastic. The small, easily digestible materials are great. It makes it easy to work through, but also really easy to go back and review the appropriate material without trawling through a lot of content! As I roll out a teaching program to other teachers at this school, the videos will be really useful for them as well. It’s a great program!”

Across the Pacific, the sentiment is similar in the USA.

“I recently completed The PrintLab Certification Course and have marvellous things to say about it… The course consisted of clearly delineated sections that covered concentrated topics on the overall process of teaching and facilitating 3D print and design. It showcased content-rich vocabulary like support, bridge, extruder, ideate, and engineering design process. When you walk away from a well-constructed course that can be done at-your-own pace such as this, you will not only feel confident about the overall process of teaching engineering, but you will also feel confident teaching students how to use Tinkercad and a 3D printer. By any means, it is not exhaustive (the certification course), but it does a phenomenal job of showing/teaching/explaining all key details related to 3D printing.”

If this is sounding like the kind of training you’re searching the internet for, jump on our contact form to say hello.

PrintLab Classroom FAQs

How much does PrintLab cost?

We offer PrintLab in two great packages: Teacher and School. Teacher ($425/yr) allows access to one teacher and 30 students. School (1430/yr) opens up PrintLab to 10 teachers and 200 students – great for schools and libraries.

What are some lesson examples?

PrintLab includes countless engaging lessons. Some of these include making an assistive bottle opener, designing a spinning top, developing a functional wrench and creating a self-watering planter.

Is PrintLab worth it?

PrintLab is absolutely worth it as an all-in-one solution for teaching 3D design and printing. In the one package, it includes teacher training and certification, lesson plans and an innovative student portal.

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