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These graphs show the most popular websites of all time.

What was originally known to many as ‘The World Wide Wait’ has very much evolved since its beginnings, with over 3.4 billion users connected to the internet. It might not seem like it, but the World Wide Web has been around for quite a while now. Over thirty years, in fact.

Over that time, many websites have blazed into popularity before later fizzling out to be almost forever forgotten (MySpace, anyone?).

Being the mildly curious people we are, we decided to compile a list of the most popular websites through time since 1995. As you take a scroll downwards, you’ll be leaping back through time. Some of the results might surprise you!

To absolutely no-one’s surprise, Google was the most-visited website of 2019. Being the world’s most popular search engine, that’s where everyone heads whenever they have a question. Facebook came in at a distant second in 2016, but that spot was taken over by Google with its YouTube in 2019.

Remember Yahoo!, anyone? It was recently sold off for ‘spare parts’ to Verizon for a measly $5 billion (US) – measly, considering its $125 billion (US) valuation at its peak around 10 years ago.

Yahoo! was a search engine, just like Google, and was far more popular for a very long time. They had multiple offers from Google, putting themselves up for sale to Yahoo!, but the company declined every offer. Oh, how the tables have turned!

As you can see from the graphs, the real ‘fighting match’ between Yahoo! and Google began in around 2007, as Google upset Yahoo’s search dominance for the first time. This continued for roughly three years, with the two giants continuously switching places at the top spot, until Google finally took the throne and has retained it ever since.

If you were born before 2003, then you’re probably going to struggle to remember some of the websites dominating these last few graphs. However, take a look at the number six spot in 1996 – yes, that’s Amazon! It really has been around for that long.

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The web has definitely changed a lot since Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web back in 1989. A lot of websites have come and gone since then, and we wonder, which websites that we use now will still be around in the coming decades?

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