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The UP Box is back, and with a bang

Tiertime’s back on the job, just a few months after the anticipated release of their newest (at least, back then) 3D printer, the UP Mini 2. Just last week it was announced that a new 3D printer will be joining their UP desktop 3D printer range – the UP Box Plus.

I was actually very excited when I first heard about this. The release of the old UP Box, back in late 2014, truly did mark the start of a new era for Tiertime. We saw the first appearance of some massive new features we’ve come to take for granted in the UP 3D printers we know today, such as the in-built HEPA filtration system, for example.

I did assume, of course, that this release would be no different. After all, when has there been a time when Tiertime has let us down?

The UP Box, plus what?

Okay. I have to admit, when I first looked at the photos, I was a little more than a bit surprised. At first glance, the UP Box Plus seems to be the exact same as the old UP Box. Except for the fact that is says ‘UP Box Plus’ on the top of the printer, of course. On the outside of the printer, you can’t actually tell that any changes have been made at all.

The last 3D printer that Tiertime released, the UP Mini 2, got a massive makeover. You would have expected the UP Box Plus would have received at least a little bit of love in regards to its design. Of course, there was never actually anything wrong with the design of the original UP Box itself, so we’ve got nothing to complain about.

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Same on the outside, epic on the inside

Despite the one unexciting change on the exterior of the printer, inside the printer, a lot has changed.

It’s obvious that the new UP Box Plus still has all of our favourite features from the old UP Box, including the HEPA filtration system, automatic calibration, HD print quality and its massive build volume.

Wifi connectivity, one of the features we’ve been waiting to see in the UP Box since the release of the UP Mini 2, has finally been added. Users will finally be able to free themselves of those annoying USB cables always waiting to be tangled!

Another feature carried over from the new UP Mini 2 was nozzle and bed temperature settings. For years, UP users have been waiting to see this feature in the UP Box, and now, it’s finally here. This opens up the doors for a world of new filament options, including wood, bronze, copper, steel, glow-in-the-dark and even flexible materials.

The features that make this printer even more awesome

The feature we’re probably most excited to see in this new printer is auto-pause filament detection. With larger 3D printers, it’s quite easy to actually run out of filament mid-print. This can be very problematic, seeing as some prints can take up to 20 hours to print. Well, this isn’t a problem any longer. If the printer detects that the users has ran out of filament, it will simply stop the print until it’s fed with more filament.

Running out of filament isn’t the only problem larger printers face. In the event of a blackout, power failure, or some clumsy workmate accidentally switching the 3D printer off at the wall, you’ve just lost your 15-hour print. These things happen more often than we’d like them to, and Tiertime has responded accordingly.

And finally, the new extruder block. Printing with filaments other than ABS has been problematic for quite a long time. PLA is one such example. The UP Box Plus’ new extruder design features two fans, one more than the original design. This was to hopefully to remove some (or all) of the problems users have faced when printing with alternate materials. Tiertime has also kept the same magnetic extruder attachment that we’ve come to love.

The new UP Box Plus, along with the rest of the UP range of desktop 3D printers, can be found right here in the EduKits Marketplace.

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