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With a little over 7 weeks until Christmas the effects of the global freight pinch are being seen and the effects are going to make what is usually the busiest retail period somewhat interesting.

A check on the stock availability at a number of our suppliers is showing low to no volume being held in warehouses. Certainly what’s been happening with freight globally in terms of shipping prices quadrupling and delivery times blowing out has made obtaining inventory problematic.

Fortunately, the materials for our signature product The Amazing Annoyatron were secured early in the year meaning we’ll have sufficient stock on hand to meet customer demand leading into the Christmas period and well into the new year.

The other trend we’ve noticed is the increasing prices, a derivative of increased supply chain costs and also the global microchip shortage. With these and other business continuity issues flowing from the COVID pandemic we’ve seen a number of brands pull the pin either on product lines or on their business as a whole.

The message is this Christmas is going to be a little bit different to years gone by. Customers can expect far less range than they have been used to, and for online orders unfortunately parcels are going to be taking that little bit longer to arrive than we are used to.

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