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Tech talent crisis – impacts for regional Australia

There’s a crisis coming for parts of regional Australia with declining interest in IT careers set to have significant impact on economic growth for the regions. 

The need for people with IT and coding skills was evident at last weeks Jobs for NSW Regional Pitchfest event held in Wagga Wagga NSW, where pitch after pitch the ask was for people to come on board with web or app development skills. Unfortunately the reality is without the IT skill set embedded into these businesses there is little ability to turn great ideas into revenue and then revenue into local employment. 

The situation in the Wagga region is dire.  We attended the 2018 TAFE graduation ceremony and noted the smallest number of IT graduates for many years. It would be an absolute shame for this course to be shut down due to lack of numbers. Certainly from a student perspective wanting to get into a technology career the integrated TAFE/CSU program is one of the best in the country in terms of graduating with industry ready skills and a minimal student loan!!!

It’s often forgotten that people with the technology skills in our community are the enablers. They are the conduit between idea and reality. Certainly EduKits could not have grown to become the business it is today without the significant technology skills that it has available in-house. 

Attending events like the Jobs for NSW Regional Pitchfest certainly validates our mission to get kids, especially in regional areas, excited about technology and to inspire them to pursue careers in STEM.

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