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Spine-tingling inventions to build this halloween

1. Creepy, singing Jack O’Lanterns

There’s nothing that screams Halloween more than Jack O’Lanterns! With this invention, you’ll create your own creepy, singing pumpkin heads that are sure to cause a fright.

The project works by using a motor to move the mouths of the lanterns up and down, making it look like they are singing. Flashing lights inside their mouths contribute to the spooky atmosphere, and the music, of course, ties everything together.

Check out the video below to see how this all works. Even if you don’t build this invention, it’s extremely fun and entertaining to watch.

What you’ll need (basic parts list):

  • Pumpkins (obviously)
  • Servo motors
  • Coloured LEDs
  • Hot glue gun + other tools
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi

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2. Crawling, spider-like pumpkins

This 3D printed monster continues the pumpkin theme from before, but with an interesting twist. Once assembled, the 3D print will appear to be just a normal pumpkin. Unfold it, and it turns into some sort of weird, crawling spider thingy.

All the files for this project are free to download and can be found on the 3D printing community Thingiverse, a site which is always full of cool things to print. The designer of this spooky creation even made a short video to explain exactly how it works (it’s pretty cool). Check it out below.

What you’ll need:

That’s pretty much it! Assembly is super-simple and no electronic parts are required to make this thing work!

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