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And that’s how to do Science Week!

Over the weekend EduKits was proud to be involved with our local Science Week events running what was dubbed the VR Headset Holodeck in the Historic Council Chambers of the City of Wagga Wagga.

At the Holodeck we had 9 VR headsets with around 50 different experiences loaded for community members to experience what VR in education looks like. The headsets had something for everyone, from exploring physics, maths and medical sciences, to the arts including works of Van Gogh and our natural world including volcano’s, jungles, the arctic and space.

The staff at the Wagga City Library have to be commended for yet again pulling together one of the best community science events in all of Australia.

To give an indication of the experiences they brought over a weekend, all with low or no cost to attendees, included the following:

  • Emmersive Science III with SciVR
  • Twisted Science Shows
  • My Mad Scientist Mummy with Dr Rina Fu
  • Augmented Reality Sandbox
  • Future World – Guitar Apocalypse
  • Rosie Deacon’s Foam Fantastical Fabulous Fun
  • MBot robotics run by TRAC
  • Marvelous Microbes with CSU’s John Harper
  • Space-O-Rama with Jeremy Kruckle
  • Design a Parasite with Dr Rina Fu
  • VR Headset Holodesk with EduKits in the Historic Council Chambers

With this year’s science week over, we can’t wait till next year. For your diaries, 2020 Science week is on 15-23 August.

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