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School holiday tech workshops a success

Over the summer holidays, EduKits ran a number of school holiday workshops for kids, held at Wagga’s co-working space, Working Spaces HQ.

This was the second time that I’ve run school holiday workshops, with the first being focused on giving kids and teens a first experience with 3D printing technology. These holidays, in addition to the 3D printing lessons, we also provided further workshops with a focus on electronics, coding and virtual reality.

It was exciting to see the outstanding uptake and support from the local community. Attendees ranged from ages 9 to 13, many of whom were completely new to what they were learning. This was, therefore, a great opportunity for me to show that learning about technology doesn’t just have to be for getting a job, but it can also be great fun as well.

Kids had great fun designing and 3D printing their own bag tags, bubble wand designs, and fantasy castles which they could take home with them after the workshops. Others used coding in a race to create the most annoying sounds (using The Amazing Annoyatron, of course), or to create chatbots that spat out random, nonsensical sentences. But overall, participants were given a wide range of technical skills and a basic understanding of how some core technologies function.

The workshops were created as a way to introduce the youth in our local community to the technologies that are going to shape our future, something that was certainly a success.

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