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Reducing Plastic Waste – A complete lesson plan for design and technology teachers

You don’t have to look very far to see examples of plastics that are single or limited use objects. The environmental harm caused by plastics entering landfill is immense. Why not challenge your students to come up with products designed to mitigate the challenges created by disposable plastic products.

To help you do this on the PrintLab Platform we’ve got a bundle of resources ready for you to deploy. All the hard work has been done. You can kick things off with a lesson starter video about plastic and its effect on the environment, from here split your students into teams to to complete a design workbook (template is provided). Exercises your class will run through include product life cycle research, interviewing people to create audience profiles, defining design criteria based on human feedback, ideation, sketching and participating in a 3D design video tutorial to gain the necessary skills to create their own unique prototypes.

Sound design principles… an engaged class… what more could you want. How’s over 30 more complete lessons plans sound. Contact us now to subscribe to PrintLab (sole teacher or whole of school licences available) or ask us about our 7 day free trial offer (no tricks here, just 7 days of limited access).

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