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We’ve got great news for educators who have access to a 3D scanner at their school. New on our Printlab Platform – a repository of over 40 lesson plans covering 3D design and printing – are now resources to help teachers bring 3D scanning to the classroom.

Maybe you’ve just started at a new school and haven’t used their 3D scanner, or maybe you have been teaching for a while. Either way, sign up for a Printlab free 7-day trial where you can check out the content on offer and get some inspiration for your classroom whether or not you proceed with a 12-month subscription.

In one of the latest lesson plans loaded up to PrintLab, students learn how to design an ergonomic mouse grip using 3D scan data of a clay model. Their creative journey begins with students selecting a product, identifying an end-user and transforming their chosen product to serve the needs and wants of the chosen end user. Along the way, students will learn sound design thinking skills, hone their technical competencies using technology and come up with a bespoke solution.

You can learn more about Printlab on the EduKits website.

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