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Lesson Plan – Waste Reduction via Circular Economy including Fusion 360 tutorial

With the ever-growing consumption of single-use objects, the need for re-use is greater than ever. To make it easy for teachers to run a design class thinking about these issues jump onto the PrintLab platform and check out “Project Re-Use”.

Teachers are provided with a complete set of classroom resources to inspire children to pursue alternate uses for typical objects which would normally be disposed of after one use.

The project begins with a provided presentation which brings to attention the problems with our current Linear Economy. Students are then introduced to a new way of thinking (The Circular Economy) and work in teams to define the problems with unnecessary waste at your school. Through an inquiry-based design process, they create a 3D printed intervention and test its functionality. The final part of the project involves students developing proposals to manufacturers, suggesting ways they could redesign products for a circular economy.

To help with the technical design skills a Fusion 360 tutorial is also included. Of course if working with a younger audience TinkerCad can be used.

If this is sounding like a lesson you’d like to incorporate into your classroom subscribe now to the PrintLab service. If you want to try before you buy then you can check out the quality on a limited 7 day trial. Just contact us and ask for one. We are confident you will be impressed.

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