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Emoji tokens for schools

Improve class engagement with Emoji tokens. Why? Because they created them!

New to the PrintLab platform is a set of teacher resources to run a class through a 3D design and printing module where they design emoji feedback tokens. The use of the tokens will only be limited by their imagination but will generally be used to create a feedback system for use either in the class or in the broader school. Let the children’s imaginations run wild as they identify issues relevant to them and problem solve how the implementation of emoji tokens may improve the situation.

For the teacher resources are provided to begin the lesson with an explainer video, which provides students with an overview of emoji tokens and how they can be used to gather feedback on ideas, products or experiences. You will then lead your class through a process of generating a range of ideas about how emoji tokens could be used in the classroom or school and teams can be created then assigned a feedback system to design for. By using 3D design tutorials as guidance, emoji tokens are created and used to provide feedback in various ways around the school.

This new lesson plan is available on the PrintLab platform for current subscribers. If you’d like to join the many educators currently on and contributing to the direction of the platform send us a message. We’d also be happy to give you a look at the resources via a 7 day free trial.

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