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RoboDay shines light on 3D printing

Over the weekend EduKits was proud to be involved with the Wagga Wagga RoboDay as part of the 2018 Riverina Science Festival.

The Wagga Wagga City library did an awesome job coordinating the spaces with families from around the district coming to see the Robot Catwalk, Robot Petting Zoo, 3D Printing Hub, Virtual Reality Zone, as well as to hear tech talks and participate in coding workshops.

For the budding engineers EduKits ran some 3D printing activities with kids designing their own key rings in TinkerCad then watching them print on one of the six 3D printers that were on display.

Despite terrible weather outside there was a fantastic attendance from the local community with the door counter of the 3D printing hub showing well over 1000 people coming along to check it out.

For many people the 3D printing hub provided the first opportunity they’d had to see a 3D printer live in action. Over the course of the day people got to watch as the Eiffel Tower was carefully recreated. A 5 hour print of Batman also provided a source of curiosity with kids dropping back multiple times to see the print progress to completion.

“It’s awesome that a regional area can pull together an event like RoboDay giving kids the opportunity to see some of latest technology up close and personal”.

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