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Easier Drag and Drop Arduino Coding: Code Kit 3 by EduKits

Code Kit is our free, online application that allows you to code for Arduino using colourful and intuitive blocks. Our latest release, Code Kit 3, brings a host of exciting features which we explore in this video.

Fresh new interface

We’ve refreshed Code Kit’s interface to make it more exciting and easier to use. The layout and basic functions remain the same, so existing users will still feel at home with these changes.

Block loader

Control which block categories are displayed in the main toolbar. Disable blocks you don’t need or use and enable some exciting new categories, like Timing and Messaging.

Advanced mode

Read and write to every pin with variable pin numbers and states. Advanced mode can be activated from the new settings modal.

New blocks

No update would be complete without the addition of many new blocks. Since the last release, we have added blocks for new sensor, timing and communication functions. Some of these need to be activated through our new blocks loader.

Get started with Code Kit

Getting started with Code Kit is free and easy. Head to the Code Kit website to launch the app — no software download is required!

Because this is a new product, user feedback is especially valuable to us. We would love to know your thoughts on the product, any issues you experience and your top feature requests. Get in touch with the EduKits team through our website.

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