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Cross-curricular lesson plan for math and engineering

If you are looking for a repository of high quality teaching resources that focus on bringing to your classroom real-world effective engineering design lessons you’ve found it with our PrintLab teacher resources.

Blended into many of the PrintLab lessons are cross-curricular activities. A good one to check out is the Puzzle Cube teacher resources. Within this lesson students will be led through a series of mathematical calculations to help them to design and 3D print a puzzle cube. The puzzle cube is made up of various interconnecting pieces when placed together correctly forms a perfect cube.

In addition to mathematical calculations, students will also have to use problem solving skills to ensure their puzzle cube is 3D printable and the design of their interconnecting pieces actually fit together.

Students are able to complete their design files in either TinkerCad or Fusion 360. Lessons on both these applications are also available on the PrintLab platform. The platform is a paid subscription service with either sole teacher, or whole of school subscriptions available. Of course if you would like to check out the quality of the resources while gaining some inspiration for your classroom contact us to gain a 7 day free trial.

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