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Amazing Annoyatron named in best 33 toys of Chicago Toy and Game Week.

At EduKits we’re always grateful for recognition received through both the STEM and Toy and Game industries. This week we were humbled to learn of The Amazing Annoyatron’s inclusion in the Chicago Toy and Game Week’s “Best 33 Holiday Gifts of 2018”.  You can check out the full list at the ChiTAG website here.

In the Toy and Game Industry the Chicago Toy and Game Week is huge. It is the single largest public toy and game fair in North America. Associated with the fair is a range of industry events promoting invention and innovation. The organiser’s do an amazing job at helping to shine a light on the designers and inventors behind the products we see on retail shelves.

Amazing Annoyatron Best 33 Toys of 2018

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