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EduKits exhibits at 2018 Australian Toy Association (ATA) Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair

This year EduKits made the decision to exhibit at the annual Toy Fair in Melbourne which is run by the Australian Toy Association. As a trade-only event, we thought it to be important to introduce the brand to potential retailers of our products.

For a business based in regional Australia, attending the fair gave EduKits the opportunity to meet and connect with a far greater number of people within the industry than what would ordinarily be achievable by email or telephone trying to explain what our product does.

Exhibiting at such fairs is not an insignificant cost. Our booth for the show was in a section called Market Alley where a number of similar early-stage businesses had invested in a stand. These businesses, amongst others, included JenJo, Make Me Iconic, Hinja and Freod Games. In market alley it was also encouraging to see there was an Australian board game called Squatter which has been around for over 50 years, showing you can have longevity with a product if you get it right.

Overall exhibiting at the Toy Fair was a positive experience. Being able to compare our flagship product “The Amazing Annoyatron” to what else is on the market only reinforced to us the value that this product provides.

Through the Toy Fair, we were able to meet some fantastic people and pick up a few new fans for the EduKits brand along the way.

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