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Hot Wheels, Barbie Dolls, Lego, and….The Amazing Annoyatron

Most of the press EduKits gets with The Amazing Annoyatron is the result of its inventor being a 14 year old kid who goes to a public high school in a farming town in regional NSW.

Something a little bit different, and just a little awesome happened in Melbourne this week. In yesterday’s Sun Herald which is one of the most widely read newspapers in Victoria, The Amazing Annoyatron was listed as being one of the Top 10 toys on kids wish lists this year.

In a way what was so awesome about this feature was that there was no mention of the product’s creator, rather like a baby standing up for the first time, there was the Annoyatron standing up surrounded by some of the most respected names in the toy industry.

While the Annoyatron’s back story definitely helps to differentiate the product from the many toy and learning product choices parents have when buying Christmas, Birthday or reward presents for their kids we are proud to have a product that can be presented with what are considered to be the best available in 2018.

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