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Amazing Annoyatron wins National iAward

Tonight the Amazing Annoyatron was awarded an Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) iAward in the nation’s leading awards program for technology innovation.

“What we’ve seen from our finalists this evening is awe-inspiring. It’s real proof of the power of innovation to change our world. We’re especially proud tonight, as for 25 years AIIA’s iAwards has been bringing inventive minds together from all Australian states and territories. AIIA congratulates 2018 iAwards winners and finalists. The inspiration behind this year’s iAwards program has been truly staggering. We look forward to the next 25 years of celebrating innovation.”

AIIA CEO, Rob Fitzpatrick

To win a national iAward recipients have to go through a two-part process. The initial process involves completing an iAward entry addressing the selection criteria and providing details of referees for your entry. Each entry is then scrutinised at a state level with the winners announced at gala dinners in each capital city.

Winners from each state, along with merit recipients, are then invited to attend the national finals competition conducted over a 3 day period which is judged based on a pitch conducted live in front of a panel of judges. The pitch takes the format of 5 minutes for setup, a 10-minute pitch, followed by 10 minutes of judges questions. Prior to the finals competition, you needed to submit a one-page information memorandum on your innovation which the judges review during the 5 minute preparation time.

There are no prizes associated with the iAwards program other than presentation of a winners trophy. What winning an iAward does for your product is to build significant credibility and to open opportunities within the digital ecosystem. To give an indication of the support the iAwards receive the national gala dinner where awards are presented had an attendance of over 1,000 people which is considerable given a ticket price to attend the evening of $275 for AIIA members, and $335 for non-members.

EduKits is humbled by the support received for the Amazing Annoyatron and its ability to engage kids in STEM learning preparing them for tech-savvy future.

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