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The Amazing Annoyatron – EduKits Workshop Style

Today as part of our Tech It Out summer holiday workshop series, EduKits ran a session on electronics and coding using The Amazing Annoyatron. Kids were super excited to be using the kit, especially when they found out the Annoyatron they’d be using in the workshop was now theirs to keep.

Of all the workshops we do, kids seem to love the tactile ones most. Coding a physical object or making an item with 3D printer, for the majority of kids is more satisfying doing something where the output is limited to being on screen. The reason for this perhaps has something to with how much experience kids already have with computers and the process of input with mouse or keyboard, output goes to screen.

For a session of 2.5 hours we run 3 Amazing Annoyatron projects with the kids. The first is always our introductory project, the ticking clock which has a very easy build and gets them used to working with code in a new interface. We finish off that project with a race to create the most Annoying Noise in the Universe (handy hint – a couple of layers of sticky tape over the kids buzzers dampens the noise created). The second project we do is one that makes them giggle. Our third project for the session we run with a more complicated build accompanied with a lesson in how to use (an awesome little block code editor).

Post session update.

Within the week following the session we received feedback from a number of parents about how much their kids loved the session on the Amazing Annoyatron. Their kids continued exploring with the Annoyatron for the week following the session getting their new gadgets to make all sorts of crazy noises.

Of all the tech sessions, The Amazing Annoyatron was my favourite. (Tech It Out 2018 participant, aged 11).

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