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Engage your students in 3D printing as they redesign your classroom!

Getting full participation from a classroom group can be a tricky proposition. From running workshops EduKits has found having content attune to your groups individual interests will certainly help, but having each student on a different page can be difficult to manage.

Featured on our Printlab lesson plan platform may be just the lesson you are after to maximise whole of class participation, aptly titled “Redesign your Classroom”. In this lesson plan you will lead students through a class questionnaire to collect data on the positive and negative aspects perceived by the students as to the current classroom design. 

Following this information gathering students collaboratively design and 3D print volumetric scale models of the walls, floor, furniture, equipment and displays.  Design options can then be reconfigured without having to lift a piece of physical furniture. 

Experiencing 3D design relevant to working in industry is what PrintLab resources are all about. If you’d like to explore what we’ve got available to help out our teacher community we’d love to give you a free 7 day trial. You can apply for one here.  

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