Daily Telegraph article “Cannon-Brookes on why coding is critical for kids”

By May 15, 2018 No Comments

There was an interesting article which appeared in today’s Daily Telegraph on the need for kids to learn coding. Titled “Cannon-Brookes on why coding is critical for kids” the article reinforced the need for Australian kids to have the opportunity to learn and understand about technology.

The Atlassian co-founder stressed the need for Australia to nuture the skills of four million kids to ensure they are excited about coding and computational thinking. Ultimately, by having these skills kids will be able to apply their knowledge into what ever field they end up pursing in their life beyond school.

While the Australian school system is cited as being a few steps behind many other nations in terms of school curriculum covering digital technologies, there’s always a place for kids to be exploring computational thinking and coding outside of school through products like the Amazing Annoyatron.

The benefits of kids gaining good technology skills, especially in rural and regional areas cannot be understated. A quick look at any entrepreneurial or innovation competition soon shows how valuable it is to have computer coding knowledge.

We recognise the majority of children won’t ultimately be employed in a computer science career, but being able to leverage core technology including computer coding will equip them to improve and innovate processes and products both in their workplaces and communities.

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