Coding in Disguise

Preparing the next generation for the jobs of the future


40% of jobs will disappear due to technology in 10-20 years.

*Source: CEDA Research Report, Australia’s Future Workforce.


STEM subjects are being taught by unqualified teachers in up to a third of cases.

*Source: The Courier Mail, August 27 2018.

The Amazing Annoyatron

The award-winning kit created by a 14-year-old to teach kids how to code, the fun way.

The jobs of the future are going to be in technology. The Amazing Annoyatron is the perfect way to introduce kids to coding and electronics. With 20+ cool creations they can build (and re-build) plus free add-on projects, your kids will enjoy creating new projects and pranks whilst building their STEM and coding skills.


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Here’s what they’re saying

My kids really love this! If you’re looking for a fun way to get your kids into coding, then this is it. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone – well put together, great instructions, and lots of fun for everyone!




We purchased an Annoyatron as a birthday gift for our 8 yr old son. The Annoyatron provides a great pathway for kids to learn whilst having fun! Fantastic product!




This is the kit that will prepare your kids for the jobs of the future.

Kids learn about coding with 20+ cool creations that they can build and re-build to prank their family and friends, including:

  • A burglar alarm to protect their room
  • The ‘chirping’ electronic cricket
  • A machine that helps make decisions
  • See all the inventions here

This award-winning invention doesn’t involve a blinking LED or a DIY ‘Logic Gate’. It’s coding and electronics, but actually fun.

Buy Now  $69.95 $54.95

Includes 31 parts

Everything kids need to get started: think lights, buzzers, sensors and more.

Build 20+ inventions

We guide kids through building & coding 20 different gadgets and gizmos.

Learn to code

Kids use real code (yes, C++) to program each invention. We’re not joking.


Kids are encouraged to solve problems and build inventions of their own.