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Do this first

Download the Arduino software.

Before we start coding some of our awesome inventions, you’ll need to download some software. Make sure to ask you parents for permission before you install anything downloaded from the internet. Click the download button below and scroll down the page until you see ‘Download the Arduino IDE’. If you are using a Windows computer, click ‘Windows Installer’. If you are on a Mac, click ‘Mac OS X’.

Download now

Just tweak a few settings.


Open the Arduino Software

Find the and open the 'Arduino' application. We'll be using this to code our inventions.

Find the program settings

In the menu at the top of the program, click File > Preferences on Windows. On Mac, click Arduino > Preferences.

Show line numbers

In the settings box that should pop up, select the checkbox that says, 'Display line numbers'. 'Tick' this and hit 'OK' to save.

Click here once you’ve completed these steps